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Lovely words from our beautiful clients!

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Julie Espinosa, Landscaper and distance runner

I have had several treatments with Naomi and am amazed every time at how good I feel afterwards. It is a gentle treatment that leaves me feeling completely balanced in my body. I highly recommend Naomi as an Emmett Therapist.
August 24, 2019

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Dolly Moule, Personal Trainer

Naomi is very professional & I found Emmett Therapy to be amazing! I have not experienced anything like it, it’s truly amazing and I’m blown away by the results. This has to be experienced to be believed. Totally 5 stars
August 22, 2019

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Melinda Parbery, Professional Rider and Graphic Designer

Thanks Naomi! Feeling so much more balanced and I’m sure my horses also appreciate me being more even so I can train them, feeling balanced on both reins.
September 22, 2020

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Megan Dangerfield, Business Analyst & EMMETT Therapist

I’d been pretty immobile for about 4-5 weeks after a nasty sprain, and Naomi’s “Emmett” savvy sorted me out at the first and only treatment. I had immediate improvement in range of movement meant I could walk up and down the 18 steps in my house with ease. Most importantly, I was able to put my work boots on comfortably and get out in the garden again!!! Movement, comfort and balance is back...thanks Naomi ❤️
January 26, 2021

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Aimee Fenwick, Manager of Ihana Hair

Being a hairdresser, I am on my feet all day and twisting and turning in all sorts of positions. Naomi’s Emmett Therapy has improved any niggly discomfort that had been building over time. It has also made a difference to how I work, my posture has improved over all and I am no longer getting intense lower back pain at the end of the day.

I have noticed a major difference in my exercise and yoga practices as any muscle discomfort from working out is released. I have also gained improved flexibility and balance. I am able to hold poses for longer time frames and perform moves that I once couldn’t quite get.

I am loving the positive effects Emmett Therapy has provided and Naomi is a gem! Thanks Naomi

July 16, 2021

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